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Joe Ross has been trading and investing since his first trade at the age of 14, and is a well known Master Trader and Investor. He has survived all the up and downs of the markets because of his adaptable trading style, using a low-risk approach that produces consistent profits.

Joe Ross is the creator of the Ross hook™, and has set new standards for low-risk trading with his concepts of "The Law of Charts™" and the "Traders Trick Entry™." Joe was a private trader and investor for much of his life, but a serious health situation in the late 80's caused him to shift his focus, and that is when he decided to share his knowledge. After his recovery, he founded Trading Educators in 1988, to teach aspiring traders how to make profits using his trading approach.

Joe Ross has written twelve major books and countless articles and essays about trading. All his books have become classics, and have been translated into many different languages. His students from around the world number in the thousands. His file of letters containing thanks and appreciation from students on every continent is huge: As one student, a successful trader, wrote: "Your mastery of teaching is even greater than my mastery of trading."

Joe Ross holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles. He did his Masters work in Computer Sciences at the George Washington University extension in Norfolk, Virginia. He is listed in "Who's Who in America." After 5 decades of trading and investing, Joe Ross still tutors, teaches, writes, and trades regularly. Joe is an active and integral part of Trading Educators. He is the founder and contributor of the company's newsletter Chart Scan™.

Joe's philosophy for helping traders is:

"Teach our students the truth in trading — teach them how to trade."

"Give them a way to earn while they learn — realizing that it takes time to develop a successful trader."

Joe sets forth the mission of Trading Educators as follows:

To show aspiring futures traders the truth in trading by teaching them how to read a chart so that they can successfully trade what they see, and by revealing to them all of the insider knowledge they need in order to understand the markets.

To enable them to trade profitably by training them to properly manage their trades as well as their mindset and self-control.


To accomplish our mission for our students we educate them so that they know and understand:

  • Where prices are likely to move next
  • Why prices will move there
  • Who and what cause prices to move
  • How far prices are likely to move when they do move
  • Their own role in the movement of prices
  • How to take advantage of the knowledge they receive
  • How to properly manage and exit a trade which they have entered
  • How to manage themselves and acquire the discipline needed to become successful traders

Benefits for our Clients:

Independence from complicated trading methods, magic indicators, and black-box systems
Independence from opinion, anyone's opinion, including their own
redarrow Independence achieved through knowing how to read a chart
redarrow Independence through having knowledge of insider actions
redarrow Independence achieved by taking holistic and eclectic approaches
redarrow Independence coming from knowing how to manage both the trades and themselves
redarrow Independence because they understand and trade what they see
redarrow Independence because they have learned how and why prices move as they do, through studying the truth in trading and the truth about markets.

Students learn only proven methods and techniques, which helps them to preserve capital and create more consistent profits; they are offered simple methods that will assist them to earn while they learn.

redarrow They learn to work smarter and more effectively
redarrow They learn to treat trading as a business; we offer no Holy Grail or magic systems

They learn to adapt to changing market conditions


They learn a systematic approach to trading rather than a mechanical system for trading.

Read some personal testimonials which Joe has received.

Trading Educators Inc.

Trading Educators was founded in 1988 by Master Trader Joe Ross and he actively supports his customers with his experience of over 50 years of trading.

The Team at Trading Educators is composed of an international blend of experienced traders, all educated and proficient in the Joe Ross methods. Our professional staff trades regularly in the markets.

Since its foundation, Joe Ross and the Team at Trading Educators have taught thousands of satisfied customers who use Joe´s concepts to produce significant profits in today's markets.

It is our desire that you learn to trade successfully. This is why we offer satisfaction guarantees for our products. If you are not 100% convinced that the product you bought will help you to trade profitably, just let us know and we will refund your money, wherever such guarantee is so-stated!

Learn more about our trading philosophy
and Joe´s low-risk trading concepts.

Andy Jordan
Educator for Spreads, Options, Swing/Day Trading, and Editor of Traders Notebook

Andy Jordan made his first option trade at the age of 18. Since then he has been fascinated by the world of trading. In 2002 he met Joe Ross, and became interested in spread trading. Andy was then intensively tutored by Joe Ross and personnel at Trading Educators.

Even though Andy has shown in his live chat and in several trading journals that he is able to day trade today's markets, spread trading has always been his favorite.

In addition to his own spread trading activities, Andy is the editor of Traders Notebook. For those interested in one-on-one personal coaching, Andy has developed and instructs a one-month online course in spread trading "Trade with a Pro" during which he demonstrates all aspects of trading from choosing the trades on through how and when to enter the trades, manage the trades, and exit the trades.

Andy Jordan was born in 1965 in Germany, but is currently living in the Caribbean. He studied mathematics and business administration in Regensburg and Hagen, and holds a PhD in mathematics.


Loretta R.

Loretta is known as “SC” in Joe’s book, "Trading Is a Business." She is Joe’s wife of over 50 years, and is editor-in-chief of everything that comes across her desk. Trading Educators wouldn't be where it is today without her.

Martha R-E.
Director of Marketing

Martha is Joe's and Loretta's daughter, and is Co-Owner of Trading Educators, Inc. She handles the website, marketing, social media, and provides support for our franchise partners. Martha ensures that Trading Educators continues to be relevant in today's market place while maintaining the integrity on which the company was built.



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