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From: Joe Ross

Dear Trader,

SPREAD TRADING is one of the least known and best-kept secrets in the world of trading. WHY is it that the trading of futures spreads remains such a MYSTERY when, in fact, it is one of the most consistently reliable, potentially profitable, and safest ways to achieve real SUCCESS in trading?

You may have invested your money and countless hours struggling to find a winning way to trade. You may even have previously looked into spread trading, but you have not had the right training to be able to use it to be consistently profitable.

Then all you need is a helping hand to turn your spread trading into a successful business.

That is why we offer you the opportunity to participate in our 1-month "Spread Mentoring Program," a complete training experience with our professional spread trader, Andy Jordan.

Yes! You can trade along with a Pro.
You can trade along with Andy Jordan.

How is this Mentoring done?

The Mentoring is done using the internet. We use the Skype platform ( for communication, as well as e-mail. You will hear Andy Jordan, and you can talk directly with him (free of telephone charges) without any delays. Please note: We allow only ONE participant at a time, to make sure that student being mentored receives the full attention he/she needs. The program has become very popular, and often has a waiting list of up to several months. 

How does the Mentoring Program work?

First, Andy will check on your trading experience and your problems. Together, you and Andy will define the steps necessary to reach your goal, and Andy will give you a detailed plan of how to move your trading capabilities to a professional level. Please contact Andy immediately to ask for any openings so you can schedule your Spread Training.

Here is a short overview of the knowledge you will gain from the Training:

  • How to select the right markets and the right spreads. Andy will show you several distinct ways to dig out high probability spreads.

  • How to use seasonal and correlation charts to find high percentage trades.

  • How to use observation and chart formation to pluck out really great trades.

  • How to use chart formations, trend lines, along with resistance and support areas, in your spread trading.

  • How to enter or exit the spreads with regard to the market and the volume conditions. Andy will work with you to develop the best ways for YOUR trading.

  • How step-by-step to develop a trading plan including money management, risk management, and trade management. You and Andy will develop a trading plan together that fits YOUR trading style, abilities, and comfort level.

  • How to develop the right thinking to become a successful trader. Andy will tell you what really makes the difference. Traders usually spend far too much time with setups, and overlook the most important part of successful trading – themselves!

  • And much, much more. Let yourself plunge into the depth of the spread trading knowledge Andy Jordan has to offer you. You will be in direct contact with a Professional!

At the end of the 1-month mentoring program, you will be able to trade ON YOUR OWN! You will have YOUR OWN trading plan, and you will know precisely how to trade in a profitable and consistent way.

What do I need?

You will need charts of the markets you want to trade. Delayed data is fine. If you don't have charts at the moment, please contact Andy Jordan. He will help you to find an inexpensive solution. You will also need the Skype software (it is free at, together with a headset and microphone for communication.

The training is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced traders. Please contact Andy Jordan if you need further information. He will discuss with you the best way to become a successful spread trader.

When and how often is the training?

During the 1-month mentoring program, you will talk with Andy every week for about one hour or more. Besides the one-on-one meetings, you will read further lessons, do your homework, and plan your own trading. Andy will give you full e-mail support as needed!


Read various testimonials of training attendees who took Andy's spread mentoring program.

How much does it cost?

We offer you this invaluable 1-Month Spread Mentoring Program, with all its personal attention and professional guidance, for $2,000.

How can I get into it, or what do I have to do if I want further information?

If you have questions about the personal spread mentoring, please contact Andy Jordan, who will be able to give you more information in relation to your experience and your personal trading goals:

Have you decided?

If you are ready to sign up and schedule your training, please click the link below.

Contact Andy for Spread Mentoring

Andy Jordan will get in touch with you when he receives your submitted information. He will be pleased to set up a date with you for the next available Training, or to send you further information.

All the best to you in your trading,

Joe Ross

P.S. Think about it - trading and interacting with a Pro in real time - for a whole month - learning, probing Andy for answers to questions you've always wanted answered! Can you think of a better way to become a successful spread trader?



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