Spread Trading Success Stories

Read about a wide array of students and customers who found success through Joe Ross, Andy Jordan and Trading Educators.

With thousands of satisfied students and customers in more than 25 countries, Joe Ross, Andy Jordan, and Trading Educators have an unsurpassed “track record” of success in trading and in teaching people how to trade more successfully. Joe and Andy want to help you, also, to simplify and manage your trading. 

Joe and Andy understand their fellow traders, and the obstacles they face in their trading. They have been where you are now. They also understand trading so well that they can show you powerful ways to maximize your trading potential. 

Joe is a rare combination! He is both a great trader and a marvelous teacher. Andy, too, loves to trade and to teach — especially about spread trading, an area in which he has considerable expertise. 

At Trading Educators, we have reams of letters from students thanking Joe and Andy, and proclaiming the effectiveness of their approaches to both teaching and trading. Both Joe and Andy have helped people at every level of experience in their trading. Read below what some of these students have to say about each of them. 

What's amazing is that both continue to generate equally remarkable success stories from traders, business owners, and professionals who've been coached by Andy, or attended Joe's trading seminars, private tutoring, and/or purchased his trading books, online courses, and trading methods. We hope that you, too, can be part of the next generation of traders to succeed by using the principles that Joe and Andy have been teaching thousands — and now want to reveal to you.


"As there seems to be no way around spread trading for beginners with small accounts to get access to the world of futures trading these days, there is definitely no way around Andy to get a solid foundation for spread trading. I spent quite some time with Andy on weekly Skype sessions and uncountable email contacts in between and after the training session period. Honestly, I could not have found a better mentor as regards professional competence, flexibility of schedule and subjects, commitment and personality. Thank you so much, Andy."

>> Matthias D.,

(Testimonial for Andy's Spread Trading Mentoring Program)


"Andy cuts through the jargon and makes it simple to understand, straight to the points that matter and that will produce results.  The whole program was done at a suitable pace and with no pressure.  I have come out with a good knowledge of how to find and select trades.  I feel far more confident in myself, and look forward to a potentially profitable future.  Highly recommended."

>> James M.

(Testimonial for Andy Jordan's Spread Trading Mentoring Program)


"I was a failed and disillusioned trader who'd lost faith in my ability to make even a modest living as a trader. That is until i'd read Trading Spreads and Seasonals. This book explains an alternative way to trade i was previously unaware of and has inspired, reinvigorated and conviced me i am on the right track at last."
>> K. M., USA

(Testimonial for Joe Ross' trading book Trading Spreads and Seasonals)


"Reading Joe's book takes you a long way down the path of understanding the different aspects of spreads and seasonals.It was a satisfying and interesting read .Looking long and hard i never found a book that was as accessible and comprehensive as Joe Ross's Spreads and Seasonals. I intend to buy more of Joe's Books."
>> Les Oley

(Testimonial for Joe Ross' trading book Trading Spreads and Seasonals)


"Hello, Chart Scan Newsletter I find as perfect educational material introducing trading step-by-steps and secrets in well-developed and comprehensive way. Thanks a lot for that Joe."
>> Regards, Bohumil K., CZ

(Testimonial for Joe Ross' Chart Scan at Spread-Trading.com)


"Spreads and seasonals are simple but require a skillset and knowledge to maximise profits and minimise losses. This book outlines to the point on when to enter a trade, how to manage and exit. Risk control and market assessment is there in easy to understand language throughout. You would be a foolish trader to ignore these set ups and even more foolish if you fail to apply them ! Risk is one thing but this book isn't a risk to your pocket." >> Dave K., UK

(Testimonial for Joe Ross' trading book Trading Spreads and Seasonals)


"Hi Joe,
I have all of your Trading books. I also used to subscribe to your Traders Notebook and have all issues from 1993 through 1996. I was not trading for some time but started swing trading stocks recently. The other day, I dusted off my binder with my copies of the old Traders Notebook and started reading them again. I had highlighted important passages. It was like running into an old friend after not seeing them for several years. I then re-read Trading the Ross Hook. I will be incorporating the RH into my trading strategy when the market allows me to do so. I'm glad to see your still teaching the masses and I would be greatly honored to meet you one day. I just purchased your TNT book on trading stocks, and I'm sure, based on your past work, it will be well worth the money. Like many other traders, I have spent way too much money buying books to educate myself on how to trade. I have returned most of them or thrown them in the garbage as they were generally worthless. Your books and newletters are different. I have kept them and re-read them many times.

Sincerely, Thomas"


"The Spreads and Seasonals book gives a very clear, step by step explanation of spread trading. Plenty of examples and a huge quantity of wisdom.."

>> Marc d.M., Netherlands

(Testimonial for Joe Ross' trading book Trading Spreads and Seasonals)







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