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Chart Scan was created to show you The Law of Charts™ in action. Implementing the Law of Charts has helped thousands of traders to become more proficient and profitable in trading in today’s markets. The Law of Charts™ works to your benefit in all markets and in all time frames, with bar charts, candlestick charts, line charts (as used with spreads), and point and figure charts. Part and parcel with the Law of Charts™ is one implementation of the “Law”— the Traders Trick Entry™ (TTE). There are many additional implementations, which are taught through our books, seminars, and private tutoring by Joe Ross, Andy Jordan and Marco Mayer.

In each issue of Chart Scan, Joe Ross and the Team at Trading Educators provide you with helpful content of interest to traders.

In this trading newsletter, you will also see applications of spreading in the futures and commodity markets. Spreads are applicable to all futures markets including currencies, commodities, financial instruments, and stock indexes. It is even possible to trade spreads in the all-electronic intraday market using day trading techniques. Because of very low margins, Spreads offer you the most efficient use of your margin account of any other way to trade. Many traders find they like them so much that spreading becomes the primary way for them to trade.

Spreads are based on seasonality, correlation, backwardation, chart patterns and simple observation. Spreads follow the Law of Charts™ and can be implemented using the Traders Trick™ entry (TTE).

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Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk.
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