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It is not difficult to learn how to trade spreads. There are some people who claim that it's difficult to learn, and that it is even dangerous to trade with spreads. Their claims are not at all true. For reasons of their own, some traders don't want to reveal to others how simple and promising it is to trade spreads, and others are just repeating what they have heard without verifying the information for themselves.

From my over 50 years of successful trading experience, I can say with assurance that spreads are neither difficult to understand nor dangerous to trade.

It is quite the contrary:
trading spreads is very suitable for the beginning trader with a small account, as well as a being a technique that should be in every trader's toolkit.

People say to us, "I'm interested in learning to spread trade but
I don't know where to start." I'll answer that right now. Start with...

STEP 1: Subscribe to Joe's Chart Scan Trading Newsletter

You need to begin with an appreciation of spread trading. So a good first step would be to subscribe to our free weekly Chart Scan Trading Newsletter.

Make sure you subscribe to Chart Scan FIRST!!

STEP 2: Read Joe's powerpoint presentation about Spreads

Along with your subscription, be sure to read through our powerpoint spread presentation which describes the rationale for trading spreads, and gives you quite a bit of information about what they are and their advantages.

STEP 3: Futures Trading Course "From the Beginning"

We also suggest that you consider our Futures Trading Course "From the Beginning." This course has a ton of information you won't find elsewhere, truly inside information that is overlooked by most traders, even those who have been trading for months and years.

STEP 4: Read and study Joe's book on "Trading Spreads and Seasonals

This is a MUST-HAVE for EVERY successful Spread Trader!

Once you become familiar with futures, have read the Powerpoint Presentation on Spreads, and are beginning to see what spreads can do for you via the free Spread Scan newsletter, you should send for manual, "Trading Spreads and Seasonals." The manual is a self-contained training course designed to get you to an intermediate level of spread trading.


Click here for more details about Trading Spreads and Seasonals

STEP 5: Subscribe to Traders Notebook -
The Premier Daily Newsletter for Futures and Position Traders

After studying the "Trading Spreads and Seasonals" manual, you will be ready to subscribe to Traders Notebook, our daily spread trading newsletter. Traders Notebook follows the overall pattern of our Spread Scan newsletter, only in much greater and more timely detail.

It contains suggested spreads along with information as to where, when, and how to get into the suggested spreads, information about margin requirements, objectives and trade management, and where to place your exit point in the event the spread doesn't work out. Subscribers to Traders Notebook are entitled to join our free weekly chat with Andy Jordan, a venue in which you can directly chat with Andy and get answers to all of your questions about trading spreads.


STEP 6 and 7: Online one-month mentoring program with our professional Spread Trader, Andy Jordan and/or a three-day in-depth private training with Joe Ross online or in his home in Uruguay

If you want to receive individual advanced spread trading education, we offer an online one-month mentoring program with Andy Jordan, an expert at trading spreads and editor/author of Traders Notebook. You may also select three-days of in-depth personal one-on-one private tutoring with me (Joe Ross) at my home in Uruguay.

In all, no one has as complete a spread trading program as you will find at Trading Educators. We are #1 in educating successful Spread Traders, and we have the most original and top resources available to you — resources, service, and professional help you won't find anywhere else from anyone else.

My staff and I look forward to assisting you in becoming a successful spread trader, and we wish you all the best that life and trading have to offer,

Joe Ross and the Team at Trading Educators Inc.




Receive a series of lessons including two FREE eBooks that brought Joe Ross his success in trading all markets: the Law of Charts™ (TLOC) & Traders Trick Entry (TTE). Also, learn the finer details of trading from our three Master Traders in our free weekly Chart Scan Newsletter, and more! We will not sell, rent, or trade your information.



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