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The World's Only Complete Futures Spread Trading Seminar — learn one of the most profitable
and relaxed ways to trade!

I will show you a whole new world to trade, and I would like YOU to participate at my Spread Trading Seminar!


My futures seminar is a unique learning experience — you won't find this great opportunity offered by anyone else, anywhere else!

As you have read on our homepage, spread trading is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The Insiders don’t want you to know about it or how to do it. Yet it may be one of the most profitable ways to trade ever conceived.

Imagine trading in a way that few other traders know about or understand.

Imagine trading with no less than 80% probability of winning — at times as high as 100% probability that you will win.

Imagine trading without having to worry about stop running.

Imagine trading the markets with only a fraction of the margin you have to put up to trade in the outrights.

Spread trading is that way!

Spread trading offers a way to trade that gives you the most efficient possible use of your trading capital. Traders with small accounts find that they can put on multiple spreads with only a tiny account.

Spreads enable you to trade in markets that are too illiquid for outright futures trades, but they can be quite satisfactory for the spread trader. Beautiful spread trades can be found in all markets: grains, softs, energies, financials, currencies, and stock indices. They are even available in Single Stock Futures.

We will prove to you that the odds of winning on a spread trade are greater than those for an outright futures trade.

We will show you how you can win with spread trades even as markets move sideways and futures traders are being unmercifully whipsawed.

Find out why you already have an edge in spread trading, and learn more about an easy way to enhance that advantage.

Believe it or not, you already have an edge in trading spreads. Why? Because you already know more about spread trading than 95% of the traders out there.

Many of you bought my manual "Trading Spreads and Seasonals." But you can get only so much from a book, and then it is time for some mentoring, some practical training on how to put into practice what you’ve read in books. This is exactly why I decided to conduct my spread trading seminar.

But please keep on reading to find out what is in it for you before you decide to come to a seminar!

You will become an expert in spread trading
and make money in long-lasting trends

You will get an inside look at the reality of trading from professionals who trade and earn their money in the markets. We will teach you how to trade in a way most traders never even hear about before they lose all their money and disappear into the night. You can position yourself at much lower risk than traders who trade with only the outrights.

You will discover that spreads trend longer and better than outright futures, and you will learn how to ride those trends in a way you never dreamed of.

But wait! — There is much more you will learn in the Spread Trading Seminar:

I will show you:

image the way the markets really work, and how you can take advantage of that knowledge.

image why spreads exist and how you can take advantage of them to substantially lower your risk.

image how to know where prices will move next and how to avoid being trampled by the insiders when it happens.

image how to get up to five times more leverage on your money than you can get with outright futures trades.

image how you can trade without stops in the market.

image how to considerably reduce your margin requirements for each trade you make.

image how you can completely avoid stop-running.

image what to do to make a pile of money when a market goes into backwardation.

image how to use the concept of correlation to make substantial profits.

image how seasonality can help you to win while others are being blind-sided by the large commercials.

image what to do when a market begins to move into or out of Contango.

image how to use the Law of Charts™ and the Traders Trick™ when trading spreads.

image different ways to locate winning spread trades.

Many professional traders use spreads to optimize profits. Trading spreads offers many advantages which make it the perfect trading instrument, especially for beginners and traders with small accounts (less than $10,000).

The following example of a wheat spread shows the advantages of futures spread trading:


Example: Long September Minneapolis wheat (MW) and Short September Kansas City wheat (KW). Entry was made at -17.5. You see the trade at +3.25. That is 20.75 points, which equals $1037.50 and is still going.

Let's look at some serious advantages of trading spreads. Here are four of them:

Four Advantages of Futures Spread Trading

Advantage 1: Easy to trade

Do you see how nicely this spread starts trending in mid-June? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, whether you use chart formations or indicators, the existence of a trend is obvious. (If you are looking for a concept of how to identify a trend, we strongly recommend we strongly recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to receive our free and popular eBook “The Law of Charts”, read more about “Our Philosophy”.

Spreads tend to trend much more dramatically than outright futures contracts. They trend without the interference and noise caused by computerized trading, scalpers, and market movers. When a spread is moving up it is due to reality rather than market manipulation. Spreads move on true fundamentals, but the amazing thing is that you don't have to know anything about those fundamentals to make profits in trading spreads.

Advantage 2: Low margin requirements

Many spreads have reduced margin requirements, which means that you can afford to put on more positions. While the margin on an outright futures position in corn was $540, a spread trade in corn required only $135 — 25% as much. That's a great advantage for a trader with a small account. With a $10,000 trading account risking as high as 8% of your account, you can enter 5 corn spreads, instead of only 1-2 outright corn futures trades. How's that for leverage? It is the fantastic leverage in spreads that makes them the most efficient way possible to trade futures. You will see spread trades for which you put up only 7% of the margin needed for outright futures trades. Recently we saw a spread trade in which you could have traded 13 spreads for the same amount of margin you would have had to put up in order to trade one outright futures contract. Unbelievable? Not at all!

Advantage 3: Higher return on margin

Referring to the corn spead mentioned in Advantage 2, each point in the spread carries the same value ($50) as each point in the outright futures ($50). That means that on a 3-point favorable move in corn futures or a 3-point favorable move in the spread, you would earn $150. However, the difference in return on margin is extraordinary:

Corn futures - $150/$540 = 27.8% return
Corn spread - $150/$135 = 111% return

And keep in mind that you could have traded 5 times as many spread contracts as you could have traded outright futures contracts. In our example, you would have achieved a 24 times higher return on your margin. And be aware that you can trade spreads in any electronic market as well as in pit-traded open outcry markets. In August of 2006, the grain markets at the Chicago Board of Trade will have begun trading from all-electronic platforms.

Advantage 4: Low time requirements

You don't have to watch a spread all day long. You do not need real-time data. The most effective way to trade spreads is using end-of-day data. Therefore, spread trading is the best way to trade if you do not want to watch or cannot watch your computer all day long (i.e. because you have a daytime job). And you can save all the money you would have had to spend for real-time data systems (up to $600 per month). If you wish, you can add spread trading to whatever you are already doing with your trading. Since you trade them end-of-day, they in no way interfere with any day trading you may want to do.

So where is the catch?

If futures spread trading is so fantastic,
why does it seem that hardly anybody trades spreads?

Well, it is not true that hardly anybody trades spreads: many professional traders do, every day. So do the institutional traders. But either by accident or design, the truth of spread trading has been hidden from the public over the years.

The purpose of my spread trading seminar is to teach you everything you need to know to be able to start immediately with Spread Trading. The Seminar will open up new channels of information and will give you a whole new perspective of trading.

We'll give you an insider's grasp of
Spreads and unlock the secret of its success.

Both Seminar days provide you with educational and eye-opening information about :

arrow What Spreads are
arrow Why to trade Spreads
arrow Software and useful resources for information
arrow Charting Spreads
arrow Placing Spread orders
arrow Advanced Spread Trading Strategies
arrow ...and practical exercises in our spread trading workshop

The seminar fee includes Joe's live teaching, comprehensive printed training materials, lunch, refreshments and morning and afternoon coffee breaks with pastries/ sweet dishes on both seminar days.

We are sorry but there are no Live Seminars/Webinars scheduled at this time!

See you at the seminar!

All the best to you in your trading,

Joe Ross



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