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Dear Joe,

After learning the basics of spread trading, I took the Cotton long march 9 / short july 8 spread on a upside breakout that occurred april 8. for margin of 420 dollars.

As of yesterday the spread exceeded its price objective, giving back less than 1200.00 return on margin, and technically still in an uptrend!!!!

The Spread Scan (now called Chart Scan) newsletter really helped me put things into perspective. I'm also trading spreads in copper and waiting for a breakout in oats.

Thank you very much for helping me understand what was very confusing at 1st. I normally wait less than 90 days to see this kind of return in an option trade, but while I trade options, I can trade spreads for some quick cash :-D

Thanks again,

Confident Trader


I'm extremely pleased with my results from your service. I would be pleased to speak with your potential client. I have been earning approx. $1500-2000 per month since I subscribed. I only trade the grain/meats/currencies.

Phil L.

"I love your Traders Noteook. You give people significantly more valuable information than any other newsletter service I have ever read. The guys selling their services for $5,000 a year or $9,000 for a two year subscription should be ashamed of themselves."


"Thanks for a truly great and insightful piece. I've been in this business for nearly 15 years and most of the analysis that I read is bull. You really seem to have tapped into some truth, and it is very refreshing. Keep up the good work!"


"My trading has improved dramatically since I had my private training with Joe. All aspects necessary to become a successful trader were covered in detail: entry techniques, trade management, and money management. Joe has shown me how to take high probability trades with limited risk, which has made my trading much more profitable and enjoyable."

William A. Hove, USA

Dear Joe

Thanks for providing all of these great resources. I think we should call you Dr. Joe! You are a great friend, counselor, teacher and psychologist. Your depth of knowledge and your willingness to share is a blessing to the world.

James R.

"He [Joe Ross] teaches reality trading. It's the only place where you really learn how to do it and what is required to succeed. But finding one's way to success in trading is not easy and it takes time. This is the best place to learn it. And I looked everywhere in the last 8 years. I read everything he writes and listen to everything he says. He is not like so many gurus out there that in the end show you nothing of value. He teaches you what you need to do to succeed. No hype and no inflated expectations."


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