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Why does a spread trader need a futures trading course for beginners?

It's because spread trading is based on the underlying futures contracts that make up the "legs" of any commodity, financial instrument, currency, or stock index spread.

Amazingly, wannabe traders jump into the futures markets without ever learning the basic essentials. Trading futures spreads is a specialized form of trading. It was previously unknown to the individual trader, and kept secret because it can be so lucrative. But as with any specialized area of effort, it has its own language, its own players, and its own peculiarities.

Perhaps you don't need this fundamental training. There is an easy way to find out! See if you are able to give a correct answer to the questions listed below:

  • What is the "settlement price?"
  • Is there a buyer and seller of last resort when trading futures? If so, who?
  • What is an inverted market?
  • How are feeder cattle contracts settled? How are live cattle contracts settled?
  • What does the study called "Stochastics" measure?
  • Can you name two indicators that can be used to give true confirmation of one another as well as of the price action?
  • Can you define the two kinds of FCMs? What is an FCM?
  • Can you define the two kinds of IBs? What is an IB?
  • Is anyone required to make a market in futures, and if so, when?
  • What is a clearing firm?
  • Why is your money safer with a futures broker than with a forex broker?
  • Why is your money safer with a futures broker than with any bank on earth?

How did you do?
Are you sure you did well?

This page of our website is our way of introducing just one of our online futures training courses. We call it "From the Beginning," but it's not truly for beginners only. "From the Beginning has information for traders AT EVERY LEVEL, from beginners all the way through to advanced.

Whether you're an experienced trader or are just starting out, there is a lot of essential basic information about the futures business that many who attempt to trade truly do not know. Even worse, they are unaware that they need to know!


BUT you might have to read through
dozens of manuals to get it.

However, in "From the Beginning,"
you will find the answers all in one place.

Here are some examples:

Example 1:
You are trading a Treasury Note spread, and because you are not sure about what you are doing you call the spread into your broker. You tell him/her to "Buy one December Eurodollar and sell one March Eurodollar at a spread of 52, premium to the buy side. After awhile the spread comes back and it is filled. You look at the individual legs of the spread and realize that the fill you received for the December contract was at a price beyond the limits of the prices traded throughout the entire day. What recourse do you have? Do you need recourse? Was the fill legitimate?

If you trade spreads, regardless of which markets, you need to know the answer to that. The answers are available in "From the Beginning ."

Example 2:
You enter a Japanse yen trade from your electronic trading platform. Prices move into a trading range and continue to move sideways for awhile. Suddenly you realize that the prices on your screen have stopped ticking. You check your computer and it seems to be working. To be sure, you reboot. Nothing changes, still no ticking. You call your broker and he tells you the exchange computer is down. After about an hour the exchange computer comes back up, and you are facing a substantial loss. Do you have to eat that loss? Do you have recourse?

"From the Beginning" gives you the answers you need -
all in one place.

Example 3:
You bought an in-the-money Call option and prices have moved down. The Call is now out of the money, and your option is within a few days of expiration. The broker issues you a margin call. What should you do about that?

Example 4:
You are long a wheat contract. Somehow first notice day slipped past your attention and you discover that you have been assigned to take delivery. What are your choices?

Example 5:
You are short a Put option. The option finishes in the money and the option is Put to you. What does that mean? What is your position? What do you have to do? What are your options?

Example 6:
You are trading EUR/USD and are long. The trade has you with a very small gain, so you decide to hold overnight. What impact does that have on your account?

Example 7:
You decide to trade a natural gas futures spread at the NYMEX. You enter each leg with a market order. You do not receive a fill for 45 minutes. Is that allowable for market orders?

If you are not sure of the solution to every one of the seven examples, then you will some day find yourself facing serious difficulties.

Did you know that there is a much better way than a moving average to follow a trend? You will discover that way in "From the Beginning;" along with a method for staying with a longer term trend. That doesn't mean that you have to trade the daily, weekly, or monthly charts to realize the benefits from what I will show you in "From the Beginning." I've seen a market trend for 400 price bars on a one-minute chart in the British Pound. That's the equivalent of two years of trading on a daily chart. You can trade a trend like that. You can even follow the trend with a futures spread.

You can greatly increase your trading profits when you know and understand how the trading business works.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better off you will be. It's essential to your succes to know the rules and the players; you need to know what can hurt you and what can help you.

One of the things many traders do because they lack understanding is to seek confirmation from two or more indicators that are all measuring the same thing. You can fool yourself by unwittingly doing this, but you will gain nothing from it. It's like living in a fools paradise to use indicators that are all measuring the same thing. What we're saying is that many traders unknowingly use more than one momentum indicator, to confirm a different indicator; one that is actually measuring the same thing. But that's not the way to do it. The correct way is revealed in "From the Beginning."

There is a lot of vital information, contained in the 21 lessons of "From the Beginning." We feel this is information every trader must know, but that all too many do not know. Because they don't know what they don't know, they become horribly confused when they are smacked in the teeth by events they did not expect. The course will give you the facts you need to make important decisions.

Order your course today, because you need to know the essential information contained in "From the Beginning!"

Don't put off this important decision. Every day that you trade without this vital knowledge puts you at greater risk.



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